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Executing Your DTC Personalization Strategy

Nov 11, 2021

As always, there’s a lot at stake for retailers during the holiday shopping season. Experts predict robust sales as shoppers return to stores and consumer confidence grows, but supply chain issues and shipping delays loom. Shoppers are aware of this and will be looking for deals earlier in the season to make sure that gifts arrive on time.

Getting the first touchpoint right early on is crucial to set brands up for future purchases later in the year. Personalization has emerged as the required ingredient in a DTC strategy.

Here’s what brands should keep in mind as they make their big holiday push:

  1. Personalization improves customer experience and boosts loyalty
  2. First-party data is key to delivering personalized CX
  3. Flexibility is essential for keeping up with changing consumer preferences

Retail has elevated from a focus on transactions to primarily relationship-based. Data is essential in this transformation because it enables brands to create personalized, elevated customer experiences. But it needs to be a two way street: brands must incentivize customers to share more data by creating a value exchange with the ultimate goal of creating long lasting connections with customers.


No more segmentation. Move to individualization to create relevant, memorable brand and shopping experiences.


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