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Trigger-based Communication (automation)

Dec 16, 2021

When you’ve set up your segmentation, you’ll next need to decide what kind of messages you’ll be sending out for better ecommerce personalization (leading to better engagement and sales). The first step of any sort of personalization—well, real personalization, and not the “First name” kind—is to segment your subscribers. When you segment your customers—based on behavior (recommended) or demographics—you are able to better define and therefore better target your audience. This is where automation, or trigger-based messaging, comes into play.

If you’re using the recommended behavioral segmentation, then your messages should go out based on your subscribers’ behaviors. So manual campaigns won’t work in any practical sense. You can set up popular automation workflows like the welcome series, order confirmations, post-purchase messaging, cart abandonment, and more.

When leveraging automation software like Zapier, you can begin to increase the level of personalization in your marketing! Some examples that we use in our businesses and clients brands are the following:

- If they click, open, or opt-in to any of our pre-sell blogs or trust warmers.

- If they opt-in or submit any type of survey or questionnaire

- If they purchased more than 1 item

- If they are an engaged user on your email list

What is a segmented email campaign?

A segmented email campaign can be either focused on achieving a particular aim for a certain segment (for example, turning as many one-time purchasers into repeat customers as possible) or have an overall goal (promotional, new products, etc.) with unique messaging that’s best suited for each segment.

The main purpose of email segmentation is to send more personalized emails. Personalized email marketing is a must for marketers today, and we don’t just mean putting a customer’s name in the subject line and email (although this is useful too). Personalizing emails means using your data to create a unique connection based on addressing a customer’s specific needs and wants, which is achieved by sending only the right content at exactly the right time. Email segmentation makes this task easier by separating your list into small groups that have certain things in common.

For more info on how to personalize emails, let’s look at a few email personalization best practices:

* Leverage browsing and purchase history

* Send automated emails

* Keep your content light and friendly


Ecommerce giant Amazon does this consistently and extremely well. Their automation follows up with emails based on what you looked at on-site, what you left in your basket, and your most recent purchases.  They’re believed to have a 60% conversion rate on product recommendations that they send through to their customer's inboxes. 

Ecommerce personalization is a big deal when it comes to engaging visitors, building up a relationship with your customers, and converting sales, whether that’s through personalized eCommerce email, product upselling, or abandoned cart emails. It makes a real difference to customers, who value eCommerce personalization in a big way and can even help you to attract visitors to your site through boosting where you sit in search results.


That is why if you are a DTC brand and you are lacking any of what was spoken about in this article, you should take a serious look at your business! Why you may ask?


Well, if you are neglecting to provide a more personalized shopping experience to your customers, you are missing one of the biggest opportunities for extra revenue in your business! In 2022, personalization will become even more prominent and it is a layer of your business that cannot be ignored. When you work with AGP, their team of experts will work with you through the entire implementation process. At the end of the first 90-days, your business will be on track for true market leadership and will have developed a legitimate competitive advantage, which allows for personalization devilry to your customers at scale! Don’t ignore the opportunity for better relationships, more sales, and increased customer loyalty, all through our proven to work personalization marketing tactics.

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