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When done right, though, personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive. Our 4-step process has proven to help our customers find tier most loyal fans while not having to rely on paid ads!

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Case Study: American Aquatic

"Apparel brand makes 2.5x times its previous revenue after implementing AGP's Heuristic Analysis"



American Aquatic is an apparel brand that sells its own branded clothes as well as many popular other big brands like 4OCEAN, Buff, Avid Sportswear, and others. They reached out to AGP in order to assist them with our knowledge on the website/conversion rate optimization and teach them tactics & strategies to improve their sales without extra effort.

The Results

The results yield very fast for American Aquatics, we are looking at a 1.15% + increase in their conversion rate in just of matter of days, this becomes very typical after we implement all the changes we outline in the heuristic analysis for the CRO.

From the moment we published their new updated theme the conversion went up at 1.9%* instead of the previous sample which was at 0.75%.

What does this 1.15% increase in Conversion Rate really means?

- Let's run some simple numbers in order to understand it better, let's say that we have an Average Order Value (AOV) of around $50.

And in a day we have 1000 Online store visitors. In the case:

a) CR: 0.75% we have 7.5 people out of those 1000 converted so that means we have a revenue of 7.5 * $50 = $375.

b) Now with an optimized website and a Conversion Rate of 1.9% in the same situation we have 19 people converted to out of the 1000 Visitors, with a higher revenue of 19 * $50 = $950

In conclusion with the same exact marketing, we were able to generate $575 more revenue or 2.5x times more!

that is the power of revenue optimization that AGP offers!

*industry-standard conversion rate is 2%.

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