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When done right, though, personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive. Our 4-step process has proven to help our customers find tier most loyal fans while not having to rely on paid ads!

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Case Study: Lavish Soles

"I am generating around $25k a month with an automated marketing system"



Where were you and your business before starting AGP’s Personalization With Systems?  

  • We were struggling to generate over $10k a month.

What have you tried before? If anything?

  • We were selling at pop-up shops, public events, trying to wholesale to different vendors as well. We were trying everything besides online paid marketing. 

 When you joined the course and got on your first few calls, what did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business? 

  • I immediately realized that I needed to do much more than paid marketing. I realized that my time was better suited to getting customers over the internet who actually cared about my product rather than making people purchase just because they liked me. 

Did the content provided by AGP help your business in the start?

  • Yes from the start I realized I need to create an actual brand to solve a specific problem for a cohort of people. Then I need to market to these people and these people only.

The Results

Goals that you hit after implementing everything

  • I was able to do over $10k online which was actually so huge for my business because I was selling at pop-up shops. And while I loved doing this, it was very time-consuming and took a lot of energy. When I was able to generate $10k online, AGP helped me create a system where that was happening consistently for me and I could go back to do pop-up shops. Because I did love doing that. So now I am generating around $25k a month with an automated marketing system that is working for me and I do about $5k a month in sales through pop-up shops now.

Looking back to when you first started with us, what are a few 'before-and-after' revenue/customer /tangible metrics in your business i.e. 

  • AGP’s systems were able to take my business to $10k a month in revenue in less than 3 months. I was about to hit $25k a month in sales and get back to my pop-ups in 5 months. My team has now grown to 5 in these 3-5 months which is really helping my marketing systems be automated. All I have to do is manage my business instead of performing all of these operations that are not necessarily my forte.

How did your mindset shift after seeing the results you're getting/got?

  • My mindset has shifted drastically. I really love doing pop-ups, but it is so much better attending them without a ton of pressure of having to sell a certain amount because I have been able to build an internal marketing team to execute on a marketing strategy thanks to AGP. My mindset has shifted to make sure I have more predictability in my business rather than a roller coaster ride every single month. I am way less stressed now.

The Process

Once you were onboarded and began learning - what differences did you start to see inside of your business

  • I started to open my eyes to what was possible with an online approach rather than selling in person. I saw the importance of my product and just how large my market actually is. 

What specific changes did you start to make inside your business?

  • I started to focus on my marketing systems. I started focussing on gathering consistent content and creating a relationship with my brand advocates.

What steps helped you the most going from point a - point b in your business as a business owner?

  • Honestly, the onboarding process helped shift my mindset from thinking small to thinking BIG and saying to myself, “Okay let's do this!” I was ecstatic starting the program and I was eager to start marketing. But AGP really made me understand that I am a business owner. I do not have to do everything and I have to focus on my strengths and only perform business owner activities.
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