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When done right, though, personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive. Our 4-step process has proven to help our customers find tier most loyal fans while not having to rely on paid ads!

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Case Study: Shop Golden Warrior

"Made $12k In One Day Without My Computer"



Golden Warriors is a small business DTC boutique that was looking for direction, looking for the next steps to expand. Gianna Cianfranni the sole owner of this brand was looking for guidance and promising systems to make sure her “baby” as she calls it would be a long term successful business. However, Gianna was new to selling online and just took a shot with what she loved fashion. Gianna Cianfranni came to use with the goal of one day being an in-house boutique but wanted to make sure that i was understood that she did not want to be in the everyday task of the business, she wanted to have time for family, friends and vacation. When Golden Warriors came to us it was doing roughly 20k a month profitably, however Gianna was working much more than a 9-5 to get it there. 

So, yes she was seeing some success in her business, but at what cost? She was working tirelessly day and night. She also had no clear steps of where the company was heading or any type of sustainable system. Gianna got to where she was because she had a vision, a dream boutique. But to continue that success, and scale it bigger, she would need some help.

The Result

Gianna’s boutique exploded (in a good way) after joining AGP’s personalization with systems program. In just 3 months, Gianna saw a revenue increase of +79%! Plus with Gianna’s newly found free time, she was able to finally start turning her vision into a reality. She grew a team, put together an in-person event, and launched her first pop-up shop in her hometown. Her business then boosted to an extra $200k in sales in just 9 months.

Gianna is now doing what she loves. Connect directly with her customers and employees, building a fashion community of happy women and even happier customers while still having her freedom.

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