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When done right, though, personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive. Our 4-step process has proven to help our customers find tier most loyal fans while not having to rely on paid ads!

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Case Study: Sloh Apparel

"Apparel brand gets a complete makeover"



Sloh is an apparel brand that sells its own branded clothes. They reached out to AGP in order to assist them with our knowledge of Website Design alongside a Creator Strategy which includes Influencer outreach, contracts, etc.!

The Process

We received a quite bad build website and we turned it over to a high converting Shopify brand! After doing all necessary back and front end set-up, we cleaned & touched up their Copywrite on all product and non-product pages as well! As you can see below the results speak for themselves!

The next step was to design their own professional Brand Deck, a 15 pages book that reflects their Brand Identity alongside the needs and demands from the influencers that we were going to reach in order to strike a deal with them! This allowed us to send at least 150-200 proposals to the creators and close 5-10 of them per week!

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