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When done right, though, personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive. Our 4-step process has proven to help our customers find tier most loyal fans while not having to rely on paid ads!

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Case Study: Imagine Lifestyles

"Luxury & Exotic Car Rental business doing 7-figures per month with AGP's tactics"



Imagine Lifestyles - Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals was a business that started out in the US New Jersey with only one shop, not operating at their full potential while they generated leads out of traditional advertising without any real practices on online customer acquisition they needed help in order to grow and expand their business and that was when they came to AGP where we offered them our Personalization With Systems service.

The Results

The results came amazingly great for IL, we were able to grow their business 10% month over month for a year. Allowing them to open their 2nd shop in Philadelphia, PA Since then our proven Systems helped them to locate their service in another four major big states including Miami, Washington DC, New York City, and Boston. Generating over 7-figure monthly!

The Process

Goals that you hit after implementing everything?

  • We started seeing customers coming out of nowhere, choosing us over our competitors and our phone and email list started getting too many inquiries day after day!

What specific changes did you start to make inside your business?

  • They introduced us into the world of eCommerce while we set up our high-converting website funnel together with a lead capture page tailor-made to our customer avatar in order to kick the online customer acquisition process into the game.
  • They enhanced our online presence with various tactics in order to dominate the space in the most cost-efficient way possible.
  • We were able to process & automate everything. I was able to know my next moves because now I had more predictability while we started hiring people to do specific tasks that were time-consuming, AGP showed us how and what we needed to get done on this!

What steps helped you the most going from point a - point b in your business as a business owner?

  • Understanding the science behind their customer acquisition system and how easy it became to close more clients as we started operating according to AGP's strategies.
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