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When done right, though, personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive. Our 4-step process has proven to help our customers find tier most loyal fans while not having to rely on paid ads!

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Case Study: Tidy You

"From $10k to $300k/month"



Where were you/ and your business before starting AGP’s Personalization With Systems?  

  • Before AGP we were doing $10k a month and at the time we were slowly but surely finding product-market fit. But it was nothing crazy when we first joined. We were struggling for profitability and consistency in our business.

What have you tried before? If anything?

  • We have tried testing about 50 different products before we finally found the one product to take off for us. 

When you joined the course and got on your first few calls, what did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business? 

  • 1st, we realized we needed to fix a ton of things. But, we immediately took action on implementing the AGP system so we can get consistent content for our brand, so we can post across channels & run for paid ads.  

Did the content provided by AGP help your business in the start?

  • Yes, it immediately helped my business from the very beginning. 

The Results

Goals that you hit after implementing everything

  • We hit through different goals that we wanted to achieve. Our first $50k month, $150k month & $300k month. Yes these were revenue goals, but this was a by-product of the amount of monthly content we had coming in, getting edited, getting posted and getting tested on autopilot for us. 

Looking back to when you first started with us, what are a few 'before-and-after' revenue/customer /tangible metrics in your business i.e. 

  • A few things happened to transform our business. First off, the consistency in content that we were gathering was incredible. Like I said previously, we were able to go from $10k a month to $50k, $150k, $300k months in less than 6 months of working with AGP. This also contributed to adding 5 more team members working with us in 3 months which increased the overall efficiency in our operation. This felt amazing as an Entrepreneur. 

How did your mindset shift after seeing the results you're getting/got?

  • When first coming to AGP I knew what was possible, but I did not know how fast things could actually happen. So I was sort of thinking small when I first started. However, my mindset has shifted so fast because now I feel like the business owner I was set out to be. I am hiring people, it feels great to pay people, but it feels even better getting quality work done by them. It feels great knowing I can trust them to do the work I need them to do and not have to be in the daily operations of the business.

The Process

Once you were onboarded and began learning - what differences did you start to see inside of your business

  • I started getting more engagement with my customers. I noticed that they started commenting more, started following us more, we had more traffic, it was like they cared more about how we could help them as a business. 

What specific changes did you start to make inside your business?

  • We changed how we do things. We started working smarter. We started working more efficiently. We were working very hard before equating to being unproductive. 

What steps helped you the most going from point a - point b in your business as a business owner?

  • Implementing our system to gather content faster month over month. That helped us the most. 
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